The Karnak temple East bank of Luxor:

This vast complex was built and enlarged over a thirteen hundred year period. The three main temples of Mut, Montu and Amun are enclosed by enormous brick walls. Inside the is the sacred lake that symbolizes the waters of the primordial ocean. The water of the lake comes from the Nile.

The Luxor temple East bank of Luxor The main place of worship in Thebian times, and they can be divided into the Amun Temple enclosure, which is the largest; the Mut Temple Enclosure on the south side and theMontu Temple Enclosure. The 3 Amun and Montu enclosure were once connected by canals to the Nile providing passage for sacred boats during festivals. Karnak is the main center of worship in ancient Egypt. No site in the world makes more overwhelming & lasting impression then this (Temple of Temples).