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3-Cushion World Cup Luxor March 2017

Luxor, the site of the Ancient Egyptian city of Thebes, has frequently been characterized as the "world's greatest open air museum". It is known that it houses 1/3 of the ancient world monuments. Great temples, colorful tombs and the River Nile are the main characteristics of this city.

The importance of the city started as early as the 11th Dynasty, when the town grew into a thriving city, renowned for its high social status and luxury, but also as a center for wisdom, art, religious and political supremacy.

Thebes played a major role in expelling the invading forces of the Hyksos from Upper Egypt, and from the time of the 18th Dynasty through to the 20th Dynasty, the city had risen as the major political, religious and military capital of Ancient Egypt. It remained the religious capital of Egypt until the Greek period. The main god of the city was Amon, who was worshipped together with his wife, the Goddess Mut, and their son Khonsu, the God of the moon.

Luxor today is the capital of the Luxor Governorate. It has 1.2 million inhabitants. Millions of tourists every year travel to Luxor to wonder about the great humanity treasures, the temples, the tombs, the history, the Museums, the traditional sail boats and many other things.

During your stay for the World Cup, we would like to make your stay more interesting by adding options for activities in Luxor and around, as well as Nile cruise trip between Luxor & Aswan.

Booking & Payment procedures:

-Please click on the tours you are interested in and the dates.
-Please fill in how many persons will do this excursions chosen.
-Full amount is requested upon booking. Payments through Master and Visa cards.

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Price per person per way
Transfer from Luxor Airport to Hotel or vice versa (minimum 2 pax) for person(s) USD 10
Transfer from Luxor Airport to Hotel or vice versa (1 pax only) for 1 person USD 16
Visa Entry for person(s) USD 30
Extra Dinner Thursday March 13,2014 ( Hotel Dinner ) for person(s) USD 60
Total A USD  

B. Nile Cruises & Sightseeing

Tour Title Date of Preference

# Persons

Rate p.p


Pre Cruise

Pre Nile cruise trip (details)

Tour Sights (details)
  •  Single cabin
  •  Double cabin
  •  Triple cabin
USD 350.00
USD 600.00
USD 840.00
Abu Simbel excursion including flights
(For Post cruise only)

USD 385.00
Post Cruise

Post Nile cruise trip (details)
  •  Single cabin
  •  Double cabin
  •  Triple cabin
USD 475.00
USD 750.00
USD 1065.00
Domestic flights
Cairo/Aswan - Luxor/Cairo or vice versa (Per person)

USD 175.00
Total B USD  


C. Daily Sightseeing

Description Tours Date of Preference

# Persons

Rate p.p


Half day tour to the west bank of Luxor
Visit the valley of the Kings, valley of the Queens, the Hatshepsut temple and the Colossi of Memnon
Show description
USD 40.00
Half day tour to the east bank of Luxor
Visit the Karnak and Luxor temples
Show description
USD 25.00
Sound & Light show
Attend the Sound & Light show at the Karnak temple (time of the show 45 minutes)
USD 17.00
Balloon trip over Luxor
A hot air balloon ride over the west bank of Luxor and its monuments.
Show description
USD 75.00
Felucca Lunch on the Nile
3 course Hot Menu Lunch served on a traditional sailing boat.
(Min 2 pax & Max 8 persons per felucca)

Show description
USD 120.00
Luxor Museum
Luxor Museum
USD 30.00
Mummies Museum
Mummification Museum
USD 25.00
Overday tour to Dendara & Abydos temples
Drive by car and visit both temples.
USD 50.00
Overnight tour in Cairo (Post Tournament)
Day 1: Flight from Luxor to Cairo. Meet, assist & Visit the Pyramids, the Sphinx, the Egyptian Museum & the Khan El Khalili bazaars. Transfer to the Hotel in Cairo for overnight.
Day 2: Transfer to Cairo Airport for final departure.
Flight Luxor/Cairo not included in the price

  •  Single cabin
  •  Double cabin
  •  Triple cabin
USD 180.00
USD 440.00
USD 510.00
Total C USD  





B. Nile Cruises & Sightseeing


C. Daily Sightseeing

Grand Total (A + B + C) USD  
Full amount shall be required for reservation



1/For Transfers & Excursions , NO Cancellation will be charged ( Except the Bank charges if there is any)
2/Concerning Cruises or Hotels Pre or post:

  • 25% Will be charged if cancellation received after 10/03/2016 till 14/03/2016
  • 50% will be charged if cancellation received after 15/03/2016 till 21/03/2016
  • Full charge for Cancellation after 21/03/2016
  • 25% Will be charged if cancellation received after 03/03/2016 till 08/03/2016
  • 50% will be charged if cancellation received after 09/03/2016 till 17/03/2016
  • Full charge for Cancellation after 17/03/2016


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Heliopolis - Cairo - Egypt

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